Marlene Bezich
"My goal as an artist is to display my love of animals, nature, and people in my artwork.

I want my viewer to feel the sunlight cascading through trees or on  the grass while witnessing my landscapes.  More importantly during this time of vanishing open land, I want to show everyone the importance as well as the beauty of what we are losing!!.  A friend of mine asked one day why are there never any people in my landscapes??  My reply was nature doesn't need human help to be beautiful !!!!

I feel the same kind of love for my animal paintings.  Many of my clients comment that I seem to capture that intangible look, that certain stare, their soul !!. I feel my work with human portraiture has given me a special insight when rendering my animals.  That's what makes my artistic blood flow, the fact that I am challenged everyday to capture a person's mood or an animal's gaze, or that fleeting patch of sunlight on a far off hill.  These things I believe give my work their own personality, a special artistic handwriting. Life is wonderful when you really can enjoy your surroundings.  I plan to "stop and smell the roses" forever !!!!!

   Marlene is a native Long Islander, who resides and maintains her studio, in the eastern end of the Town of Brookhaven in Middle Island, New York.
   At the age of eight years old, when medical advances became available to control her asthmatic condition, she adopted her first dog. A fluffy, cuddly mixed breen named "Cindy".  For 16 years Cindy acted as Marlene's surrogate mother, running into her parent's bedroom to wake them whenever Marlene had a nighttime attack.
   Cindy's unending loyalty endeared dog companionship to the the artist, so there never has been a time in her life when she never had a canine "best friend".
   Even though Marlene has basically adoped canines, she has great compassion for all the animal kingdom.  Having been raised in a heavily rural community, she has come to appreciate the outdoors and natures wonders.  Being able to still witness deer, hawks, geese and ducks, up close in their own natural environment is always a thrill.

   With the total support of her parents and family, Marlene's artistic education began under the private tutelage of Audrey Swanson Marlow, P.S.A..  Mrs. Marlow's expertise was  Portraiture, Still Life, and Floras.  Besides being an accomplished artist, Audrey is an expert naturalist, who instilled in Marlene the knowledge of precision drawing, required for rendering animals, people and nature.
   Her next instructor was famed portrait artist Rapheal Desoto.  Rapheal or (Ralph), as we used to call him, was a gifted Religious painter, whose renditions of Jesus were awe inspiring.  Marlene absorbed Ralphs attention to detail and creative used of various media.  I was with this beloved instructor that Marlene's true color technique shown forth.
   Ms. Bezich has also benefited from a workshop conducted by Master Pastelist George Thompson.  Mr. Thompson opened Marlene's eyes to the beauty of painting outdoors. (Au Plein Aire).  Capturing the quickly changing light patterns on the landscape has become her second love.


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