I have always been Interested in drawing and painting. While I enjoyed all forms of art, as a child, it was the portrait that captured my enthusiasm. 
The face is fascinating.  What a person has experienced in life is often written on the face.  What they are experiencing in the present can be seen in the eyes and expressions.  When I paint a portrait I want to capture both the past and present. When I paint a child, I look for the individual charm that makes each child special.
I have also found animals wonderful to paint.  Like humans, their personalities are all different. Their eyes and body posture can convey love and devotion, happiness or sadness, worry, fear, and all other emotions that we humans experience.  My paintings reflect this individuality in each animal.
Pastels are the medium of choice. They are as permanent as oils.  I love the freshness of the colors and the ability to choose which colors I want, and to apply them directly.
Although I have won numerous awards, my greatest joy is seeing the excitement on someone’s face when they receive the finished portrait of their loved one or special pet.

I accept commissions for portraits from your personal photographs.  As an option, if you live locally on Long Island, I can take the photos.

Contact me through either  wetpaintsstudio@yahoo.com , or personally through mcmfam99@optonline.net

Terence McManus