Artist's Index
Due to our large membership, we will display artwork on a rotating basis.  Check in periodically for new artists and updated work.
Please be advised that while Wet Paints Studio Group has done everythng possible to make sure all images and information displayed on these Web Pages are accurate in appearance, size, media and price.  We will not be held responsible for any errors. We advise all perspective buyers to schedule an appointment to view any works of art that may be of interest.

Marlene Bezich

Michael Parisi

Andrew Perello

Russ Pizzuto

Mario Politi

Walter Schick

Jeanne Rogers
Laurie Samara- Schlageter

Marianne Thorvaldsen

Sharon Way-Howard

Anthony DiResta
Terence McManus
Doug Broadhurst
Stella Castro

Dan Cook
Christine DiMauro
Rose Ann Albanese